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Provide Negative Pressure for Air Ambulance
Isolation System for


Pressure Transducers & Transmitters

Very Low Differential Pressure Transducers and Transmitters Model 178
For HVAC/R, Critical environments, Textile Industry


Customized Sensor Solutions

Our Customized Sensor Solution enables to satisfy your unique requirements and
maintain the high standards of your projects, and we deliver technical support 24/7/365.


Explore and learn how our applications can match your needs.
From HVAC/R to Critical Environments, etc, Alpha Instruments is the partner that prepares you for what’s next.


Model 167 series are specially designed for 35mm DIN Rail Mount, which dramatically reduces the required mounting space and installation cost. The green and red LED indicators show the working status of the unit in the field…

Alpha Instruments is oriented to the actual needs of consumers in different industries, different regions and different application scenarios. With strong technology research and development capability and quick response service capability, Alpha Instruments tailor-made quality for consumers.

 We are very proud to provide pressure transducers and transmitters for HVAC and other fields. We have low to mid-range products available. With our unique product design and production set-up, we strive to meet any customer’s needs.

Download our 2020 catalog and check out all the products that ALPHA can offer.

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Our Partners


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