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pressure differential monitor

Application of Intelligent Low Differential Pressure Sensor in Oil Field

Accurate and timely measurement of multiphase flow production in oil wells has important guiding significance for mastering the production performance, working conditions, and formulating production optimization measures. The multiphase flow…
pressure differential monitor

Which Pressure Sensors Do Customers Prefer?

Sensors will continue to be a "game changer" in many industries, both now and in the future. As the popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, our demand for sensors is growing. Four different types of sensors are currently the most…
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Knowledge About Pressure Indicator

The pressure indicator refers to instruments used to measure gas and liquid pressure, usually divided into mechanical pressure indicator, electronic pressure indicator and mechatronic pressure indicator. 1. Electronic pressure indicator The…
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Structures, Main Problems and Performance Characteristics of Silicon Capacitive Pressure Sensor

Ⅰ. Structures of the capacitive pressure sensor The capacitive pressure sensors are based on silicon materials, using capacitance changes to convert pressure into capacitance changes, and are made by MEMS technology. Ⅱ. Main…
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What Are the Maintenance Methods of the Pressure Transmitter?

Pressure transmitters have been widely used in various working environments. Maybe everyone knows how to choose a pressure transmitter and how to use a pressure transmitter, but do you know how to maintain a pressure transmitter? What are the…
cost effective pressure sensor

Method and Wiring Skills of Reducing Error of Low Differential Pressure Sensor

The pressure sensor is a device that can sense the pressure signal and convert the pressure signal into a usable output electrical signal according to a certain rule. It is usually composed of pressure sensitive components and signal processing…