Model 172 Differential Pressure Transmitter

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The core component of the Model172 series micro-differential pressure sensor is a capacitive pressure sensing element, which is composed of a stainless steel diaphragm and a fixed electrode. The capacitance value changes with the pressure. The sensor sensitive element and unique detection circuit carefully designed by the company’s special patented technology ensure the good temperature performance and long-term stability of the product

Model172 series can be used to measure differential pressure or gauge pressure, and the output is analog signal: 4-20mA (two-wire system). The maximum accuracy at room temperature is 0.25% FS, the temperature compensation range is – 20~60 ° C, and the temperature effect is less than ± 0.05Pa/C.

The Model 172 series is equipped with a liquid crystal display (optional), which can be reset by pressing the button on the internal circuit board. The shell has powerful functions, which can minimize the installation cost. The external installation hole allows the use of closed cover for installation, thus protecting the electronic equipment from damage and pollution at the construction site. The product conforms to NEMA Class 4 (IP-65) standard.

The Model172 series has excellent cost performance and is widely used in HVAC, medical instruments and equipment, environmental pollution control, clean engineering, power plant wind pressure monitoring, textile machinery, natural gas and gas pipe network monitoring, mine ventilation monitoring and other fields.

Key Features of Alpha 172 pressure monitor:

  • NEMA 4/IP65 compliant
  • LCD display (optional)
  • One-click reset button
  • Miswiring safety protection
  • Environmentally friendly design, in line with RoHS standards
  • Back wiring and connecting pipe

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