• vav air flow sensor

Variable Air Volume (Vav) Pressure Transmitter

Variable air volume (VAV) systems are an effective solution for reducing both the first cost and operating costs for a building owner. Maintaining proper outside air dilution rates, air motion and air distribution becomes the challenge for the VAV system designer.

VAV control is necessary to ensure air flow in large shopping malls, underground places and smart buildings. Too much air will waste electricity, too little air will affect people’s breathing comfort. Therefore, it is necessary to control the air volume by monitoring the wind pressure.

Volume (VAV) configuration the temperature is maintained by varying the temperature of the air volume of air flowing into the room, rather than the temperature of the air. In this case, our Alpha Instruments air differential pressure transmitter are used to measure the volume of air, and would be specified with a range of around 0 to 360 Pa. The feedback provided by the VAV pressure sensor or VAV air flow sensor allows the building control system to open or close dampers, allowing more or less air to flow into a room.

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