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Air Filter Differential Pressure Sensor

The air filter is a critical part of any HVAC system, and it needs to operate efficiently at all times. By using an HVAC filter differential pressure sensor to measure the differential pressure across a filter on both sides, the building automation system can monitor the airflow at all times.

As airflow reduces over time it may indicate the filter needs replacing or cleaning. If it isn’t replaced, the system may need to use more energy to restore the airflow to required levels, which also places additional wear on other components in the system.

With the increase of the operating time of the air conditioner, dust will be attached to the filter screen, which will affect the air permeability of the filter screen, thereby reducing the work efficiency of the air conditioner. Therefore, in order to ensure a good operating condition of the air conditioner, the differential pressure between the inside and outside of the air filter screen can be monitored in real-time by differential pressure sensor HVAC to remind the personnel of the ventilation state of the air conditioner filter screen and whether it should be maintained.

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