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Differential Pressure Sensor For Building Automation

Today, modern building automation and HVAC technology intelligently match energy generation, energy distribution, air conditioning, and heat recovery to ensure that energy is used in a manner that saves resources and costs.

Alpha Instruments offers high-quality sensor solutions for building automation and HVAC systems that range from individual sensors to complex customer-specific sensor systems that help to boost the energy efficiency of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems. We offer a range of sensor technologies for measuring minute differential pressures in air-conditioning technology and building automation

Within their walls and spaces, commercial and industrial buildings are complex systems of machinery. We want your building to work as efficiently as possible without the constant need for in-person monitoring of pressure levels in every single area.  Our pressure transducers conduct intensely accurate measurements in a given space. These sensors seamlessly integrate in to many BAS and controllers to deliver worry-free performance.

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