low pressure differential pressure transducer

Alpha Instruments Inc. is a professional differential pressure sensor supplier integrating R&D, production and sales. It has unique core technologies in core materials, structural design, processing technology, etc., and can provide various standardized and customized differential pressure sensor products. The performance of Alpha’s differential pressure sensor products is industry-leading. Its smallest measurement range can reach 0-10Pa; the highest measurement accuracy can reach 0.25-1; the highest overload resistance can reach 15Psi (100kPa). The company’s various performance indicators, product consistency, and long-term stability are all at the leading level in the industry. After years of development, Alpha’s products have been extensively verified in the market and enjoyed high market visibility and brand reputation.

According to reports, the micro-differential pressure sensor is mainly used to measure the small pressure difference and monitor the small pressure difference between the internal and external spaces. The smaller the pressure difference is, the more difficult it is to measure accurately, and the higher the accuracy requirements of the sensor will be. The sensor also has strict requirements on its anti-overload ability and long-term stability, which is a typical high-end industrial sensor. The downstream application fields of differential pressure sensors are relatively wide, including HVAC, environmental pollution control, semiconductor manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals, modern aquaculture, textile machinery, medical instruments and equipment, oven pressurization and furnace air pressure control, natural gas, gas pipe network monitoring, underground ventilation and power plant wind pressure monitoring and other fields. Due to the high technical threshold of products, the differential pressure sensor supplier is still dominated by foreign brands.

Alpha Instruments Inc. is positioned in the subdivision field of pressure sensors, which belongs to the differential pressure sensors. The company masters the core technology, uses the unique variable capacitor structure and manufactures high-end pressure sensors with excellent performance, corrosion resistance and long-term stability, in order to achieve long-term accurate and effective measurement of small differential pressure.