pressure differential monitor

Accurate and timely measurement of multiphase flow production in oil wells has important guiding significance for mastering the production performance, working conditions, and formulating production optimization measures. The multiphase flow meter is widely used in the domestic petroleum industry, but it usually generates a certain additional pressure drop and increases the backpressure of the wellhead. And it will increase energy consumption and affect the production of oil wells. The intelligent low differential pressure online metering system for oil wells has the advantages of less pressure loss, more functions, high accuracy, and a high degree of automation, etc.

The oilfield intelligent low differential pressure sensor metering system can get the wellhead temperature, pressure, differential pressure, instantaneous flow, time production, cumulative production, and average production of oil wells in a timely and accurate manner, by wireless remote data transmission, software analysis, and calculation.

Ⅰ. Features of the low differential pressure sensor

1. Multi-functional monitoring of differential pressure, static pressure and temperature.

2. Direct measurement for liquid, gas and steam without the oil and gas separation.

3. Easy installation, Convenient operation, explosion-proof design and safety.

4. Wireless output

Ⅱ. Advantages of the low differential pressure sensor

1. With the help of low differential pressure snsor for throttle pressure difference measurement, pressure loss is less and will not increase the wellhead pressure and affect the production.

2. Throttle forward and backward pressure, differential pressure values are in a same measurement system by using the low differential pressure sensor, avoiding the problems of pressure reversal and zero shift.

3. As the multiphase fluid passing through the differential pressure measuring device, the effect of fluid Reynolds number on the fluid outflow coefficient and the expansion coefficient is considered, so the outflow coefficient and the expansion coefficient are corrected accurately. The metrological model has a solid physical theoretical foundation, and its application scope is basically unlimited.

4. The method considers the influence of different water cuts and different gas-oil ratios on production measurement, which is suitable for liquid production measurement under different water cuts and different gas-oil ratios, and can reflect the change trend of liquid production in time.

5. More accurate calculation of the multiphase fluid mixing density and other physical parameters and accurately correct the multiphase fluid physical parameters through online temperature compensation, pressure compensation, so as to further improve the measurement accuracy of liquid production.

6. The calculation error of the oil well can be guaranteed within 5%, and the calculation accuracy can be further improved through calibration.