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Differential Pressure Sensor For Clean Room Pressure Monitoring

Most semiconductor clean workshops and pharmaceutical preparation workshops should reach the cleanliness level of 100, and the cleanliness level of the operating room should be 1000. An important condition to maintain environmental cleanliness is to maintain a certain differential pressure between the operating environment and the isolation layer.

In order to prevent the fine dust outside the clean room, a differential pressure of about 15pa should be maintained by a clean room pressure sensor between the clean room and the isolation layer. That is to say, differential pressure limit for clean rooms or clean room pressure differential standard is 15pa. The clean room is the positive pressure end and the isolation layer is the negative pressure end. Due to the leakage and the opening of the inlet and other factors, the pressure of the clean room will be reduced. Alpha’s micro clean room differential pressure sensor can do continuous clean room environmental pressure monitoring and detect this change, and feed the signal back to the control center, and start the booster fan to boost the clean room.

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