surface mount pressure sensor

The low differential pressure sensor is powered by 5V with an output of 0.25-4V. Although it is the analog output, the internal linearization and temperature compensation are all realized digitally, ensuring high accuracy and resolution ratios (up to 0.05 Pa). It is thus unsusceptible to temperature.

The low differential pressure sensor has two specific output modes, including linear and square output which are completely interchangeable. Relying on simple peripheral circuits, such as 0-10V output or other interfaces, high-quality transmitters can be produced.

Its leading performance is based on the integration of sensing elements, signal amplification, and A/D conversion into the same silicon chip. The thermal sensor element measures differential pressure. Compared with other thermal differential pressure sensors, it requires less air and can work under the extremely harsh environment in a safe and reliable way. Compared with the diaphragm sensor, the low differential pressure sensor has a wider measuring range, more stable performance and more excellent renaturation in the section of low differential pressure. In addition, the low differential pressure sensor can withstand large instantaneous pressure and is not sensitive to the installation direction.

The low differential pressure sensor has the following characteristics:

1. Accuracy:

(1) Digital accuracy: ±0.05%

(2) Full performance: ±0.25F.S

2. Strong performance for pressure measurement, differential pressure measurement and flow measurement

3. Range ratio: 100:1

4. Stability: 0.25%, 60 months

5. Measurement rate: 0.2S

6. Stainless steel cover that is easy to install and ensures excellent cold and thermal stability

7. Process connections are compatible with other products for optimal measurement

8. Adoption of the intelligent transmitter with a 16-bit computer

9. Standard current output of 4-20mA, protection mechanism for mis-wiring, environmental design, and compliance with RoHS standard