electronic pressure transducer

The intelligent or mechanized operation of all walks of life can’t be separated from the development of science and technology and machines, which also gradually reduces the load of manual labor, greatly improves the efficiency. Pressure transducer is the most common sensing instrument in industrial practice. It is widely used in various industrial automation environments, such as water conservancy and hydropower, intelligent buildings, aerospace, military, petrochemical and many other industries. However, because it is indirectly related to your daily life, you will not know much about it, so Alpha Instruments is going to talk about it in detail.

Pressure transducers can be divided into a variety of different types, such as heavy-duty type. It is usually used in transportation to maintain the performance of heavy-duty equipment mainly by monitoring the pneumatic, hydraulic, brake pressure and air brake and other key systems of pressure, flow, and liquid level. This pressure transducer has a housing, a metal pressure connection, and a setting device for a high-level signal output. It is cylindrical in appearance with a pressure connection at one end and a connector at the other. It can be used in extreme temperature and electromagnetic interference environment. Customers in the industrial and transportation fields can use the industrial pressure transducer in the control system to effectively monitor and feedback the pressure of cooling liquids, lubricating oil and other fluids. Once problems are found, timely measures can be taken to solve them.

The above is the main classification of pressure transducers and their application in the industrial field.