low price pressure sensor

The pressure indicator refers to instruments used to measure gas and liquid pressure, usually divided into mechanical pressure indicator, electronic pressure indicator and mechatronic pressure indicator.

1. Electronic pressure indicator

The basic component of the electronic pressure indicator is the pressure sensor, which can convert the pressure measurement parameters into electronic signals. The advantages of the electronic pressure indicators are their excellent dynamic performance and low material stress, resulting in high load impedance and excellent long-term stability, as well as compact structure and compact shape.

2. Mechatronic pressure indicator

Mechatronic pressure indicator usually refers to a mechanical pressure indicator integrated with electronic components or parts. This kind of instrument can not only display the measured pressure on the machine, but also provide electrical signal or contain electrical switch function. Even if the power supply is cut off or the measurement signal is interfered, the measurement value can still be read on site.

By combining the mechanical pressure indicator with different signals and switches, a variety of mechatronic pressure indicator products can be obtained. In addition, the sensor does not have any mechanical contact during operation, good wear resistance, and will not have any impact on the pressure indicator. Therefore, the pressure indicator manufacturer prefers to produce this kind of indicator.

3. Mechanical pressure indicator

This type of pressure indicator is not only sturdy and durable, but also easy to operate, with a wide range of applications. The elastic pressure element of the indicator deforms when subjected to pressure. The measurement system consists of a diaphragm box, diaphragm seal or Bourdon tube and is available in copper alloys, alloy steels, and special materials suitable for special measuring condictions.

4. Diaphragm seal

Diaphragm seals can meet the pressure measurement application requirements under severe environmental conditions. As the pressure indicator manufacturer, Alpha Instruments can also provide customers with the most suitable solutions such as corrosive, high viscosity or fibrous media, super high temperature, hard to hit a measurement point, measurements with high sanitation requirements as well as toxic or polluting media, etc.