Fighting COVID19

Our pressure transducer stop virusfight against COVID-19

Since Novel Coronavirus Outbreak in China ,we all in an effort to support the fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic nationwide

In the fight against the virus, negative-pressure ambulances, which allow fresh air in but not out before being properly treated, is much-needed in transporting patients.

For the negative-pressure ambulance,one of the core technology is differential pressure sensor. We alpha instruments Inc. is such company with strong ability on technology . Response to battle with COVID-19,we try our best to support to provide the capacitive pressure sensor to ambulance manufacture JIANGLING MOTORS GROUP CO.,LTD.

The demand of the Ministry of Health for negative pressure ambulances:20 times air change per hour, a negative pressure value between 10Pa to -38Pa, and a filtration separation rate of 99.9%. Therefore,the requirements of barometric pressure sensor are very precise. In order to satisfy the requirement, we provide model No 162with 0.25%FS accuracy. Actually, this accuracy not beyond our highest precision accuracy 0.07%FS.
Additionally, our Alpha low differential pressure transmitter are widely used in clean room, HVAC, Biopharmaceutical, laboratory, building automation, critical environment, etc.