Maximum standards – 0.07%FS accuracy

———Significant breakthrough in HVAC industry

September is a harvest season, Through continual technical innovations, we Alpha R&D team make a big breakthrough that our new model 168 intrinsically safe pressure transducer is born with extremely accuracy 0.07%FS defeat the highest 0.25%FS in this industry. pressure range as low as 10pa only. This model use special diaphragm sensors and differential capacitance principle of operation that have the advantage of a perfectly elastic and are better able to handle over pressure and pres-sure spikes.

It is a remarkable benefits technology that performs in low-pressure environments, specifically clean rooms and isolation rooms (hospitals, clinics, etc.) as accuracy, reliability, and stability are so vital. Highly precision is required in these applications.

More important, this improvement will not raise the cost with better function. 10Pa pressure range will expand the application in special condition.

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