high accuracy pressure transducer

Pressure transmitters have been widely used in various working environments. Maybe everyone knows how to choose a pressure transmitter and how to use a pressure transmitter, but do you know how to maintain a pressure transmitter? What are the methods for daily maintenance of the pressure transmitter?

1. Itinerant inspection of pressure transmitter

Check the indication of the pressure transmitter, whether there is any abnormality, and see if it fluctuates within the specified range; for the pressure transmitter without on-site display, go to the control room to see its secondary indication. Whether there is debris around the meter or whether there is dust on the surface of the meter, it should be removed and cleaned in time.

2. Regular inspection of pressure transmitter

For some instruments that do not need to be checked every day, check regularly at intervals. Regular zero check. For the pressure transmitter used in the control system, no matter how short the inspection time is, it is still necessary to change the automatic control to manual control, so as not to affect the operation of the controlled equipment.

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